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Switchon to style

The SwitchOn collection is a range of stylish switches, plug sockets and AV components, inspired by interior designers and architects. The entire collection offers elegant looks, beautiful finishes, combined with excellent quality to provide good looking, safe and reliable wiring devices.  


Switchon to outstanding finishes

The collection comes in various finishes each offering a distinctive look and feel. Our ranges include Leather,  Wood, Metal, Crystal Glass, and Acrylic Mirror. Each range offers various colours allowing the designer to complement any setting.

The wide range of finishes and colours now offers interior designers and homeowners the ability to include sleek, well matched switches and sockets in their designs to provide outstanding finishes. 


Switchon to flexibility

Our sockets and switches feature interchangeable faceplates and use an innovative modular specification that allows you to easily change individual components to suit your evolving needs. This creates the perfect balance between style, form and function.

Change of room decor? No problem, there's no need to wire a new switch, simply remove the faceplate and push-on any new matching faceplate from our range.