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About SwitchOn Electricals

SwitchOn is a company founded in London that specialises in creating high-quality, great looking modular switches and sockets. As technology rapidly evolves, so too does interior design. The advanced living rooms of tomorrow require a range of multi-functional switches and sockets which can be matched to compliment the interior design and SwitchOn is dedicated to providing these.

Not only are our products created with the highest-quality material and designed to match any interior, they are thoughtfully designed pieces that are beautiful to look at and satisfying to interact with.

Our switches and socket products are supplied under our Switchon brand.  Switchon feature an innovative modular specification that allows you to easily change individual components to suit your evolving needs and create the perfect balance between form and function.  Switchon faceplates and components are interchangeable across the entire range.

We wholesale and retail our unique range, if you are interested in opening a Trade account, please get in touch with our trade team via the contact us page.